Actionable SEO Audit To Discover The Most Important Issues.

Increase traffic to your site! Within 4 days of your request, you will receive instructions that will help you improve your business.

SEO is not only about content and backlinks

Do not forget about the technical side of the site. That's why one of my sites is so successful — technically, it's perfect. I TRULY care about it.

Vlad Khvatov Proof GWT

It doesn't matter how many visitors your site currently has.

They can be 100 per week or 10,000 per day — in any case, there is always something to improve.

Here you will gain confidence of the way to increase your chances of ranking your business on Google, and how to help people learn more about you.

This is for YOU if you are…

a stranger to technical SEO and don't want to learn this question

want to get more traffic, with minimal effort

want to save $200+ instead of paying monthly for premium tools

need advice on the necessary changes to improve the site

Is your website fully optimized?

Bravely leave campaigns that cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars!

You will improve your site once to increase your monthly revenue.

I'll show you all the mistakes that will help you do this right here and right now.

Who is behind your audit?

My name is Vlad and I'm SEO whiz.

I've earned more than $100,000 a year with my blog ‘couse I know all about the technical side of SEO.

The traffic to the sites that I audit has been growing for several months, and the revenue of my clients has been growing the same way.

I know what I'm doing.

Analysis, error detection, solutions for improvement, optimization, and the desire for growth — that's what your site needs.


How quickly will I receive my audit?

Your video audit will arrive within four days of your order. It will be uploaded privately so only you can access it.

Can you help non-English sites?

Unfortunately not. SEO especially is a very language-driven thing and while I can identify technical issues it makes my life 10x harder. It's better to hire a marketer fluent in your language.

Are there some industries you don't help?

I do not work with adult, gambling or casino related websites. I have nothing against them, just don't know the industries well enough.

Can you review a website I don't own?

As long as the site is in English and not adult or gambling related that's absolutely fine. Many SEOs ask us for a second opinion on client sites.

Can I ask you specific question about my site?

If I can answer it by looking at your website and within 10 minutes, yes. After you order you can leave a comment with specifics next to your URL.

Do you only make SEO recommendations?

It depends. I'll comment on your design and usability aspects as well but these are primarily SEO-focused audits. You can request specifics after you order.