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Your Blog in 7 Days

Blogging helped me solve many problems:

  • I was born in a small village in Russia where there are no good jobs. Thanks to website building, I work remotely, and in 2020 I earned more than $120,000.
  • I plan my day the way it suits me. I go to bed and wake up when it is convenient for me. I work at a comfortable time of day, and, if necessary, I can always take a break to do other things.
  • I can combine work with travel! Yes, this was problematic in 2020, and in 2021 the situation is unlikely to change much. But after that, I’ll be able to work from anywhere. Blogging is an ideal way to study site building in a year, start making good money and fly anywhere once all the borders are open again.
Vlad Khvatov

Who am I?

My name is Vladislav Khvatov, but you can call me Vlad. I was actually born and raised in a village in Russia where salaries only reach $350 a month. Remote work has helped me achieve something I could never have done in my hometown.

In 2020, I made good money from a coffee blog. Now I’m planning to create other projects as well. I also want to teach you how to create your own blog in just 7 days.

Here’s how the course works:

Lesson 1 — How To Start Creating a Blog

In this lesson, I will tell you more about myself. I will reveal the problems that blogging newbies face and how to properly promote and monetize a blog.

Lesson 2 — First Steps in Creating a Blog

This is an important lesson on how to choose a project name as well as install hosting and WordPress.

Lesson 3 — The Importance of Design - How To Do It Right

I'll walk you through how to choose a WordPress theme and logo, what website builders are and how they can help you.

Lesson 4 — How To Write Content

Should you write posts yourself or hire someone? I’ll teach you the types of posts that work and will give you an edge.

Lesson 5 — How To Promote Your Blog So Your Audience Knows About It

We’ll cover relationship building and strategies to increase traffic.

Lesson 6 — How To Monetize Your Blog

You’ll learn about the importance of emails lists, affiliate marketing and your products.

Lesson 7 — Summary

You’ll get a course summary, checklist and list of the best free tools.


At the end of the course, everyone gets an additional bonus!

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