Create a list of keywords which will help you scale your business & revenue in a right way with less effort.

 Learn specific, tactical keyword research techniques that definitely work

Create a valuable & non-competitive keyword strategy

Follow a step-by-step system that works in any niche

Bonus: get advanced keyword research strategies to find opportunities that your competitors don't know about

Find Golden Opportunities via 

Right Keyword Research

1. Start with your business related goals instead of more traffic approach

I'll show you how to come up with keywords to earn more money, not traffic.

2. Use proven strategies to find diamonds in your niche

Implement specific & advanced strategies that you can use to find opportunities which your competitors will never know about.

3. Rinse and repeat to scale

So you can generate targeted customers on demand.

This is the Choose The Right Keywords System.

And I want to give it to you today.

Meet your SEO whiz

Hey, I'm Vlad Khvatov. And here is a screenshot of one of my sites which got thousands of visitors and insane revenue in a record time.

I don't identify myself as an expert but I will admit that I'm obsessed with figuring out what works when it comes to SEO.

I had failures on my journey just like in 2019 when i came up with a project and eared about $70k in several months. But in January Google released an update that I hadn't been ready for and I lost the project immediately.

Moreover, this site was estimated at more than $200,000 on EmpireFlippers. Remembering this now, it becomes very funny because of the loss of such money, even if it is potential. 😂

But anyways I had some successes in my entire SEO carrier including this project from the screenshot which generated seven figures less in a year.

And that's just the beginning. I want you to remember that I'm here in digital marketing space to share my knowledge with people who has the same issues as I do.


The question is: 

What is my super power? How can I use it at scale for my business?

I was asking myself: «why am I doing the 3rd time in a row successful blog in different niches and always win in a record time?»

And found the thing in which I was involved like crazy. Keyword research.

I love finding opportunities which my competitors didn't pay attention to. And, yeah, I'm one of those guys who spend hours for reading these boring and too complicated marketing blogs to find new ideas for my business.

But who the hell cares about that without practise, case studies, etc? I care because I always think about implementing my knowledge. I always do.

Get something insightful. Make this done. Repeat.

So, I developed a unique blueprint to think about keywords not like about common keywords to bring more traffic but for finding business opportunities and increase revenue.

It changed my life and opened doors which I had never thought about. And I can teach you to do the same.

Specifically, it’s time for me to cover the 3 steps that make up the core of my proven system.

Step #1: Forget "I Need More Traffic" Approach, Instead of it you better Focus On What Is Really Important, Money.

I definitely hate when almost all SEO experts say: «find low competing keywords, rank and get traffic».

But what's the reason? Get more traffic or make more sales for your business?

Here is the kicker: I'll give you the right tactics to think about keywords (and get them) like an opportunity for your business.

And guess what? Make more money and bring more target customers into your door.

Step #2: Use Strategies That I've Developed & Tested For Years Which Are Working Today

That's my favourite one. When you type: «keyword research» in Google. What do you see?

Right. A lot of stuff which don't help you get right results.

You can find dozens, like hundreds of keywords. Then spend months collecting and generating them without any clue of what you can do with them, how to analyse and what is the most important help you make more revenue.

In fact, you'll spend thousand of dollars and lots of time generating content that your business doesn't need.

So from now you don't need to worry about that. Because you'll get step-by-step blueprint of how to use proven strategies, why you need it and how to identify it satisfying your business goal or not.

Step #3: Turn Your Knowledge Into a System To ALWAYS Find Golden Opportunities Matter To Your Business

Will you do 1 lucky keyword and think it's all? No.

I've created a system that will help you find diamond in the rough with 99.9% success rate. Because I've collected super advanced strategies which people don't share to anywhere else.

And the most important thing is that you can repeat it like dozens of times and it will work no matter what happens.

And here we go.

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Introducing: Choose The Right Keywords


The mindset which will open your eyes

Text Lessons

Home tasks

The simple truth about keyword research that will open your eyes

How to understand what your business needs and doesn't need by creating the right goals for your keyword strategy

I'll show you that target audience is very simple, and how to understand what your target customers are searching for


Get the target list of the RIGHT keywords which will bring sells

Text Lessons

Home tasks

Free ways to get keywords quickly

How to use tools for the fastest and clearest results

• Explore your competitors 10 times better than you might think about

• Advanced strategies for finding keywords that your competitors will never know about


How to analyze keywords that are going to rank fast

Text Lessons

Home tasks

Answer to the most important questions about analyzing your keywords:

Can this keyword fit your sells funnel? 

What is search intent, and how to understand what Google wants from you?

• Will you rank or not?


Using a brand power to get your business to the next level

Text Lessons

Home tasks

Find your brand keywords and use it to scale your business

How to figure out what you're good at and where to go with sniper next

• Find opportunities from your potential customers before publishing a piece of content


Scale and track your success

Text Lessons

Home tasks

How to track keywords correctly and determine which direction to move in

How to build a strategy

• Scale and correction

In addition to the lessons, I will give you bonuses! This is additional information that is not included in the lessons, but nevertheless, it reveals my personal practical chips, life hacks.

How I find low authority sites which bring me a ton of potential topics and keywords

How I use SurferSEO for best on-page practices to get first page in google faster

Let me break this down for you

You are a complete beginner who wants to master keyword research for your business

You are a digital marketing agency that wants to impress your clients with outstanding findings and clear strategy

You are an e-commerce site owner who wants to get more sales from finding more opportunities for your business

You are in charge of your company’s SEO and want to drive more results

You are an affiliate marketer that wants more commissions via finding keywords that your competitors don't know about

You are a blogger who wants to find proven system to scale his content in a right way

If you said «yes» to any of these questions keep reading so you can learn exactly what you’ll get from your investment in «Choose The Right Keywords».

The main thing is that I just want to share with you a product which I am proud of.

And this is my approach: I write only important information, I don’t speak about my childhood memories, I don’t draw a parallel with psychological states, in general, I don’t write anything that other text courses are sometimes filled with.

There's a lot of practice here! Too much! I give my examples, and also immediately send you to the world of learning keywords. You can start using the knowledge for your business even while taking the course.

A couple of weeks will also be enough for you to learn the material. This will be facilitated by worksheets that will help you remember the information much better.

Already as you progress, thanks to the step-by-step system, you will get the first results

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When will the course be released?

The course is still in preparation, and I’m planning to work on it for a couple more months so that you can complete it in July.

Can I ask Vlad a question, talk to him?

Yes, of course, I answer your questions by email. You can ask it here.