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My name is Vladislav, or you can call me Vlad. I’ve come a long way — from a country boy to earning $100,000 per year — and now I want to tell as many people as possible about this opportunity.

My native village is very small — less than 1,500 people live here — and it is located not far from Novgorod, the historical center of Russia.

Before money appeared in my life, I was just like most guys — ever since high school, I wanted something more out of life, so after graduation I went into online business and met someone who was making a lot of money online. It sounds like I copied my story from a dramatic book, but that's the way it was.

Vlad Khvatov

I moved to the city, and that person taught me a lot. He was not my official mentor or teacher, but in the process of our work I gained tremendous experience. Therefore, somewhere within myself, I often still call him a mentor. Thanks to him, I found my first niche — technology — because I have loved computers since childhood.

The turning point was when this guy found my talent for communicating with people. His biggest problem was that he could not deal with people or hire them. And even if they agreed to work with him, they just left because he is such a difficult person.

But I’ve been able to hire and work with people. 

I live in a small city and had two options to find web developers — outsource, or find someone locally. 

At first, I hired some freelance developers and we created 2 projects. But it didn’t work out—the developers constantly had problems and didn’t want to work at all.

Then I decided to find developers locally, and this worked much better. I hired 2 developers who were working for other companies that had outsourced their hiring. These new developers did a good job.

Vlad Khvatov

From 2015 to summer 2017

we worked hard and made 2 of our biggest projects. For 2 years, I had a great experience in project management and learned a lot of technical and management stuff.

One project was about California real estate; it was a startup and we created all the technical elements from scratch. Another project was a hotel booking aggregator, also a startup. I've also developed a big system that could be a great way to get a lot of search traffic and leads with partners like Expedia, Booking, and Agoda. The system compiles prices from travel sites and presents the best prices to the user. 

And all that time I heard about one thing — SEO. I was a very inquisitive person. I wanted to know everything about online business.

The more I heard about SEO, the more I wanted to learn. But let’s be clear — I had no time. 

I was working like a madman to make my products better. And I had a lot of tasks and ideas for the future.

All I knew about SEO for those three years were:

  • Technical SEO, because I had to create website engines which were perfectly optimized for SEO tasks.
  • I knew about niches in which my ex-partner worked and about black hat strategies. I heard a lot of stories about how people made money during this time. In 2017, my partner was in the pharmacy niche and made big money.

Everything was great, but then something happened in my personal life, and I had to move back in with my parents. At that moment, I decided to start working for myself.

In September 2017

I was really broken and didn't know what to do. I had nothing.

I'd had a lot of experience with website creation, project and product management, HR, and even technical SEO. I knew how to grow a business from the product side.

But I didn't know anything about traffic and business ideas.

I started to read everything I could. I tried many methods and worked with AdSense and traffic arbitrage. I came to SEO again and again and could not decide what to do.

I wanted to try everything in each niche, but I didn't succeed because I couldn't concentrate on just one. I always experimented because I wanted to make fast money. In the end, I made some money from an automated Pinterest tool.

As for SEO, I even tried the pharmacy niche—I made a site and started working on it—and was thinking about the casino and essay niches.

Eventually, during my research, I found a success story on 10Beasts. And it inspired me.

I started my site in December 2017 and worked hard on it until March 2018.

I didn't earn any money and gave up. I was again trying black hat methods.

But on my birthday at the end of May, I decided to buy cheap PBN links to one of my articles. It was already in the top 10 and I thought, "Fuck me, let's try it.”

And within 2 weeks I started to earn my first money from SEO traffic and Amazon affiliates. Not as much as I needed, but it was a start.

During this time, I learned a lot about SEO thanks to blogs like Ahrefs and Brian Dean’s Backlinko. I read each article by Brian and watched all his YouTube videos, and I used what I learned to improve my project. I even read articles by Glen Allsop, articles on Moz, etc. I was reading all the information I could find—forums, blogs, etc. 

SEO started working for me like never before. In total, I earned about $10k in 2018.

Earnings 2018
Earnings 2018
Earnings 2018
Earnings 2018

In 2019, I started a project on Amazon. The project earned about $70k over several months.

I understood SEO and affiliate processes, improved the site, and tested new things. I practiced and tried to understand how everything works. I needed to keep the project going and earn money.

In January 2020, Google launched a new update. My team wasn’t ready for it. We had a simple review project that carried little credibility. Our traffic dropped four, six, eight times, and in the end, I lost the project.

I decided to reinvest the $20k that I had earned over the holidays. That’s how I created a new big project in the coffee niche. 

Now it's a coffee review site with more than 100,000 users per month.

The coffee project has earned over $100,000 in less than a year, including through partner programs and agreements.

Earnings 2019

I’m writing this on December 1, 2020. Black Friday has just passed and resulted in $31k of earnings during November. 

I am sure this is only the beginning of the journey, and there are many interesting things ahead of me. In the meantime, I am preparing to launch a training that will help hundreds, thousands, and maybe even tens of thousands of people get on the same path as me.

Earnings 2020
Earnings 2020
Earnings 2020
Earnings 2020

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